Take a look at all of the assets you have in your commercial. A closer look will likely reveal that your company has a significant investment in computers, business machines, furniture, raw materials, finished inventory, and perhaps the building itself. Intellectual property should also be included in your tally.

Reasons to Install Commercial Fencing

Given what your company has invested in assets, you must realize you have an obligation to protect those assets. Of course, you can use security features like locks and electronic security systems. Is that enough? If your intentions are to put as many layers of security in place as possible, doesn’t it make sense for the first layer to be quality fencing?

This is an important issue for any company that wants to stay profitable. With that in mind, here are five (5) of the biggest reasons for you to have commercial fencing installed around your commercial property.

1. Deter Intruders

Trespassing can be a significant problem for private companies. Unwanted intruders pose a security risk and hold the potential of interfering with business activities. A secure fence is a very effective way to tell unwanted visitors they are not welcome.

To be fair, fences don’t work well for retail businesses that count on a lot of traffic from customers. However, they do offer a great barrier to keep unwanted visitors away from manufacturing and service-oriented businesses.

2. Improving Company’s Image

Since a business’ image is everything in a competitive business environment, there is value to be had by investing in a fence. A fence around a business can help with image in the following ways:

  • Hiding unsightly features around the property
  • Makes the business facility look aesthetically better
  • Instills confidence that the business is secure and protected
  • Makes the business look like it has something of value to protect
  • Makes the business look supportive of privacy

3. Privacy

Companies need privacy for a lot of reasons. If they are doing something proprietary, they certainly don’t want unwanted eyes looking in. The privacy of employees is also a major concern. Finally, employees can easily be distracted when too much unwanted traffic is going in and out of the property.

4. Property Security

As was mentioned above, most companies have a significant investment in property. At night when the business isn’t open and operations, fencing offers the easiest way to protect property. It helps prevent theft, vandalism, and other crimes that could potentially interfere with the business’s operations and profitability.

5. Controlling Access

Gated fences create the perfect point at which security personnel can control who gets access to the property. Fencing also serves as a solid barrier to restricted areas where hazards could put people’s health and welfare at risk.

Choosing the Right Commercial Fencing

Once you have made the decision to purchase and install new fencing, you will be challenged to select the right fencing. The choices are plentiful, making the process a lot more difficult than you might imagine. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the factors you should consider when fence shopping.

Level of Security Needed

The number one reason why you should install commercial fencing has everything to do with security and safety. You want the fence there to protect assets and provide some level of privacy.

If you are looking for a high-security option, you should be leaning towards more robust types of fencing with gates and modern security features. If you are more concerned about privacy, your focus should be on fencing that prevents viewing from areas outside of the property.

Aesthetic Value

While security and privacy are top concerns, you don’t want gaudy furniture that makes the property look cheap on the outside. You can actually improve the value of the property by going with appealing fencing that adds to the outdoor aesthetics surrounding the outside of the business.

Size, Style, and Materials

At some point, you are going to have to get very specific about the physical features of the fencing itself. You’ll need to consider things like the height of the fence, the style of fence that will best suit your needs, and the material from which you want the fence to be made.

When choosing the size of the fence, you’ll want to consider the height you want and the amount of property you want to surround. The style will largely be determined by the level of security and privacy you want to get. As for the materials, your choices would be metal fences, chain link fences, vinyl fences, and chain link fences. Other options are available.


As force accessibility, here is where you will want to focus on gates and entrance points. You’ll have to consider to whom you want to grant building access and how you intend to control said access. Some of the accessibility options you might want to consider would be electronic gates, gates controlled by remote control, or “smart gates.”

As you can see, selecting fencing for your commercial property is a lot more complicated than selecting a couch or desk. There are a lot of things you would need to think about before you move forward and invest the money. Keep in mind, the financial investment could be significant, depending on the direction in which you go.

When you are ready to move forward with the purchasing and installation of a fence around your commercial property, you might want some help. You can get that help by contacting a top fencing company like Front Range Fencing Company.