Over time, your fence and gate will go through regular wear and tear. The wear and tear can come from usage, the weather, or some forms of vandalism.

At some point, the wear and tear could make your fence and gate start looking a bit unsightly. In the case of your gate, there are moving parts that could break or malfunction, making the gate substantially less functional and secure.

Let’s face it. The reason you have a fence and gate is to keep your family and personal assets safe and secure from intruders. If they aren’t providing the protection you need, of what value are they to the lives of you and your family?

Before you decide to go ahead and replace your fence and gate, you might want to weigh the options of replacing them or seeing if making repairs would suffice. Let’s take a look at what kinds of repairs might be necessary.

Fence Repairs

If you fancy yourself to be a handy person, you might want to make your fence repairs on your own. There is nothing wrong with doing that as long as you recognize the possibility of quality of work problems. While it might save some money in the now, it might end up costing more in the long run if repairs need to be remade.

A far better option might well be hiring a professional and reputable fence company to handle the fence repairs on your behalf. Either way, there are a lot of different kinds of repairs that need to be made. By the way, different types of fences might require different types of repairs.

Taking everything into account, here are some common fence repairs that could be needed:

  • Wooden post replacement – wooden posts are subject to rotting due to the weather and insects
  • Straightening of a wooden fence – commonly caused by loose hinge screws or gate posts
  • Wooden fence panel replacement – subject to weather wear and tear, and damage from vandalism
  • Chain link fence bent rail replacement – bending caused by falling objects and climbing
  • Replacement of chain link sections – damage caused by weather or impact from objects
  • Chain link fence bent post replacement – caused by wind damage or impact from objects
  • Vinyl fence damaged slat replacement – damage caused by weather, impact, or vandalism
  • Aluminum fence rod replacement – bending caused by impact
  • Wood split-rail fence rail repair – damage caused by natural rot or weather
  • Wrought iron fence rod replacement – bending or breaking caused by impact

Gate Repairs

Since gates have moving parts, they are always subject to breaking and or malfunction. Therefore, the repairs that would need to be made to gates are quite different than the repairs that would need to be made to fences. It’s worth noting different types of gates require different kinds of repairs. Electronic gate repairs can be particularly tricky. Here is a list of the most common gate repairs that could be needed:

  • Replacement of gate hinges
  • Replacement of gate latches
  • Repair of tracks for gates that slide open on rollers
  • Repair of bent gate posts
  • Replacement of gate panels on wooden or vinyl gates
  • Remote control replacement and programming for electronic gates
  • Repair of electrical hardware for electric gates
  • Replacement of links or rods on metal gates
  • Realignment of double-door gates
  • Repair card readers and solar panels for electric gates

DIY versus a Professional Fence Company for Fence and Gate Repairs

In one of the above sections, mentioned was made of the possibility that you might want to make fence and gate repairs on your own. If you have time and want to save a little money, there is no reason why you couldn’t handle some of these repairs yourself.

Here is the main issue to be considered. The time it would take you to make repairs would likely be much longer than the time it would take a professional service provider to make the same repairs. They benefit from having easy access to the training, tools, and supplies they would need to do repairs quickly and efficiently. Also, most reputable fence companies will stand behind their work. If something were to go wrong after or because of a repair, they would come right back out and handle the issue, likely at no cost.

Is it really more costly to hire a professional? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. You have to remember that some of the large fence companies can get substantial discounts on parts and supplies. If they were to pass those savings on to you and only charge for labor, there might not be the kind of savings you would expect if you did the repairs on your own.

FYI: If by chance repairs are not possible, you can always change gears and start thing about replacing your existing fence/gate with a new fence/gate.

If you decide to take the leap of faith and hire a reputable fence company to make your fence and or gate repairs, you should contact Front Range Fence Company at your earliest convenience.