If you live in your home long enough, there will come a time when you will need to do something about your fencing and or gates. It’s at that point that you are going to have to make some very important decisions. The decisions are actually going to be choices. Your choices will likely come down to replacing your existing fencing and gates or seeing if professional repairs from a top fence/gate company like Front Range Fence Company might suffice.

The two main factors you will want to consider regarding having repairs made are your financial situation and the severity of your fence/gate issue or issues. If the problem or problems are significant, new fencing would be the right call. Otherwise, quality professional fence/gate repairs services can make everything function like new.

Fence and Gate Repairs

At Front Range Fence Co., we offer a wide range of fencing services for both residential homeowners and commercial businesses. Our services include the installation of new fencing and gates, or fence and gate repairs.

If you would allow us to help you, we could start by offering recommendations. We could come out to your location and look at what you have in terms of fencing and gates. If we feel a few repairs might be all that’s necessary to restore your fencing or a gate back to good working order, we will make that recommendation.

As you well know, lots of things can go wrong with a fence or gate. From natural aging to weather damage or vandalism, things can wear out, get damaged, or simply break. When at all possible, repair services are a viable option if you would prefer to maintain your current fence and gate(s).

Should you decide to hire us to make repairs on your behalf, we’ll make sure to give you the highest quality of work possible at prices you should be able to afford. For both residential and commercial fences and gates, we offer the following repair services:

  • Repair and replace fence and gate hardware (latches, hinges, gate posts)
  • Repair and replace wood panels
  • Recover vinyl fencing
  • Repair and replace chain links
  • Repair and replace electronic gate security systems
  • Reattach fencing to fence posts
  • Straighten gates and fencing
  • Repair and replace glass panels

If by chance you have an emergency, we do provide same-day emergency fence/gate repair services. Since we know you are relying on your fencing and gate to keep your family or business safe, we’ll show up at the prescribed location to get your fence/gate repairs done as fast as possible.

Here is another important fencing service we provide. If by chance you or your company are holding a special event, we can set you up with temporary fencing with gates. We install the fencing on demand and return to uninstall it when your need no longer exists.

Note: Our repair services are intended to restore your fence and gate or gates back to proper function. Ultimately our goal is to leave your property secure with a fence that works well and looks good.

The Purchase of New Fencing and Gates

It’s quite possible that fence and or gate repairs won’t make sense based on the current condition of said home features. It’s also possible that you might simply be looking to make a change, perhaps to upgrade your home in anticipation of raising its value. If you decide against fence/gate repairs, Front Range Fence Co. will still have you covered.

Whether it be for your home or a commercial business, we are in the business of installing new fences. In fact, we can offer you access to a large variety of fence/gate choices, making it easy to help you select the kind of fencing that you think will best suit your needs.

We would like the opportunity to meet with you for a consultation. During the consultation process, we could discuss the kinds of fencing and gates that would meet your expectation. That would include a discussion about the security features you could add to better protect your home or commercial business.

Since the types of available fences and gates will differ for residential and commercial properties, we would like to address our installation services separately.

New Fence Installation

Residential Fence Installations

Choosing a new fence for your residential property requires that you consider several factors, chief among those factors would include picking a fence and gate combinations that

  • Secures your home
  • Is reasonably easy to maintain
  • Maintains the ascetic value of your home/property
  • Meets any standards set for by an HOA
  • Will best survive the weather conditions in your area

Once you have made your selection, we’ll do what’s necessary to secure the proper hardware and fence materials. Upon securing those items, we’ll immediately schedule a time to come to your home and take care of the installation process.

Note: The time it will take to install your new fencing and gate(s) will depend on the size of your property to be secured and the fence/gate options you choose.

Let’s take a look at the kinds of residential fencing/gates that we can install on your property:

  • Classic Wood Fence – popular and usually affordable (includes picket fencing)
  • Ornamental Iron Fence – for a look of elegance
  • PVC (plastic) Fence – Weather resistant, affordable, and easy to maintain
  • Trex Fence- eco-friendly recycled materials that last a lifetime
  • Vinyl Fence – great ascetics and very weather resistant, heavier than PVC for durability
  • Chain Link Fence – affordable and secure while not blocking views
  • Hog Wire Fence- suitable for farms and ranches
  • Privacy Fence – affords your home total privacy from the outside, easy to maintain and affordable
  • Horizontal Privacy Fence – privacy fencing where the panels lay horizontal
  • Custom Design Fence – your choice of materials and design (stone, wood, etc..
  • Residential Gates – come with a variety of styles and security features

Commercial Fence Installations

When selecting fencing and gates for commercial property, your objectives should be a little different than they would be for residential fencing. The focus should be directed more toward securing company assets, allowing easy access for employees, and keeping unwanted visitors at bay. There is a good chance that ascetics will matter less unless your commercial property resides in an elite commercial business park.

The process is the same. After a consultation, we would help you select the commercial fencing that will best suit your business’s needs. After securing the hardware and materials on your behalf, we would schedule the installation process for a time that is most convenient for your business.

Let’s take a look at the kinds of commercial fencing/gates that can we install on your commercial property:

  • Perimeter Fencing – high-security option to keep visitors from the building
  • HOA & Land Development Fence – meets management standards
  • Warehouse Fence – high fencing designed to keep visitors out
  • Commercial & Industrial Chain link Fence – high and durable, difficult to maintain
  • Bollard Fence – posts with chains, bollard fences are perfect for securing entrances
  • Security Fence – electric fencing with low to no visual access to property
  • Automated Gates – operate by sensors, buttons, or remote controls
  • Cantilever Gates – gates that open and shut via cantilever rollers
  • Ameristar Fence – ornamental metal fences

As you can see, you should take your time when it comes to selecting fencing and gates for your home or commercial business. It’s not something that should be done by rash decisions. Why? There are simply too many factors to consider to ensure you get the fence and gate(s) that will best meet your needs. That’s exactly why is a good idea to contact Front Range Fence Co. for a free consultation.

If you would like to learn more about our fence repair and or installation services, we invite you to contact one of our representatives at your earliest convenience.

For more information about our services and prices, we invite you to contact us of our representatives at your earliest convenience.