As a business owner or manager, you have an obligation to put measures in place to protect your company’s assets and property from unwanted intruders. With that being the case, you should know that the first line of defense you have at your disposal is making sure the property is surrounded by quality fencing. If you have good fencing with a combination of effective gateways, you should be well on your way to fulfilling your security obligations.

The challenge you are going to face is making sure your fencing/gates are properly maintained. If issues arise, it would stand to put your facility at risk from outside intruders. It’s for this very reason that you should consider contacting a quality fence company like Front Range Fence Co. We would be happy to help you make sure you are getting the protection your company needs.

Commercial Fence Installation Examples

Commercial Fence/Gate Installation Services

After looking at your fencing, it might be clear it’s time to consider new fencing and gates. This would also be the opportunity you need to choose fencing and gates that offer more in the way of modern security features.

What we would like to do is consult with you regarding your business and security/privacy needs. Based on that conversation, we should be able to come up with a couple of recommendations. FYI: Here are some of the things you might want to consider when choosing new fencing and gate:

  • City/state regulations regarding fencing materials and sizes
  • The weather conditions in your area
  • Property borders and terrain
  • Budget for commercial fencing/gates
  • Level of security needed – types of security feature
  • Area of property that needs fencing
  • Number of access gates
  • Durability of the fencing and gates – easy to maintain

After taking everything into consideration, you should be able to move towards making the right choice. Once you have made your selection, we’ll go secure the materials and hardware on your behalf. We can then schedule an installation date that won’t interfere with your company’s business cycle.

The time it takes to complete the installation process will be determined by the amount of fencing required, the styles of gates selected, and the chosen fence materials. It would be our goal to get your new fencing and gates installed as fast as possible at a price that you should find affordable and to your liking.

Commercial Fence/Gare Repair Services

Over time, fences and gates will tend to age as one might expect. After exposure to constant use, harsh weather, and sometimes vandalism, it’s always a good idea to have your fencing and gates inspected from time to time. This is a task the Front Range Fence Co. could handle on your behalf.

As part of the inspection process, we would be happy to consult with you about your immediate fencing needs. The consultation will include a discussion about the possibility of repairs and the need for new fencing.

Of course, the first and best option might be fencing and or gate repairs. This would certainly be the preferred option if your existing fencing and gates are still in reasonably good condition. It’s also a more affordable option for businesses that might have budget concerns.

Should we be enlisted to provide commercial fence and or gate repairs, you’ll appreciate knowing what kind of services we can offer. Keeping in mind that our well-trained team of fence installers is ready and able to handle any kind of repair job, here is a partial list of what they can do for your business:

  • Fence mending for vinyl and PVC (plastic) fences
  • Repair and replace fence posts
  • Repair and replace chain link fence sections
  • Straighten out fencing that has bent been due to the wind or vandalism damage
  • Repairs and replace cantilever rollers
  • Repair and replace tracks for rolling gates
  • Repair and replace electronic components for electric fences and gates
  • Replace gate hinges and locking hardware
  • Repair bollard posts
  • Welding repairs
  • Cosmetic repairs, including cleaning and repainting

It’s important to note that all of our repair services are available as emergency services. Our staff is geared toward fast responses because we understand how important your fencing is to the security of your property and assets. We pride ourselves on being ready and able to provide same-day services.

We would also like to mention that we can offer temporary fencing. Should you need time to consider new fencing, we can come out and put some appropriate temporary fencing in place as needed. These services are also ideal for companies that are throwing special events and would prefer to have temporary security in place to limit access.

Types of Commercial Fencing

At this point, a discussion about the types of commercial fences that are available would seem to be in order. There are all types of fence installations for which our fence installers have plenty of good expertise. We offer here a little info about each fence and or gate type that should be available.

Perimeter Fencing Installation – Perimeter fencing would be installed around the exterior borders of the property you want to be secured. Almost any type of material would be suitable for perimeter fencing, depending on your security and privacy objectives.

HOA & Land Development Fence Installation – HOA and land development fencing is intended to act as a secure barrier from outsiders. The key component for this type of fencing would be the addition of access gates. Access gates would need to be available for homeowners or subcontractors while the fencing ensures privacy.

Warehouse Fence Installation – For warehouse fencing, durability and security would be key concerns. We find that bollard or electric fencing would be ideal, depending on the value of the property and assets to be protected.

Commercial & Industrial Chain link Installation – If privacy is not a concern, commercial-grade chain link fencing would be an affordable option. It’s worth noting that commercial-grade chain link fencing is usually made with thicker and more durable metal materials with hinged gates and thick gate posts.

Bollard Installation – Bollard fences are made with high-quality iron materials. The gate slats are placed close together to discourage penetration. The vertical slats also make climbing near impossible, which makes this an excellent security option.

Security Fence Installation – Security fences are also referred to as electric fences. They are specifically designed to discourage intruders who aren’t willing to fight the power of electricity. Security gating usually includes electronic gates that operate off remotes, sensors, or release buttons. In most cases, this would be the most expensive option due to the level of security these types of fences provide.

Automated Gates – Automated gates can be installed with any kind of fencing material. However, automated gates are usually installed in conjunction with metal, iron, and high-security fencing.

Cantilever Gates – Cantilever gates are rolling gates. Unlike traditional rolling gates that require grounded tracks, cantilever rollers are suspended at the top or inside of the fencing. That puts all of the fencing suspended over the ground. Durability and elegance are the key benefits of going with cantilever gates.

Ameristar Fence Installation – If your company’s sole intent is to restrict vehicle access, Ameristar fencing is a very affordable option. This type of fencing is characterized by the chains that run between two metal or concrete posts that are typically placed at key access points. This is an ideal solution for high-traffic businesses that want to monitor who is going in and out of the commercial property.

We understand this is a lot to think about. Ultimately, the best choice would be the one that offers your company the kind of security and privacy that is needed to protect the employees and the company’s assets.

When the time comes to assess where you stand with your commercial property fencing needs, we hope you will reach out to Front Range Fence Co. for more information. Whether you need fence/gate repairs or a new installation, we would be happy to meet with you for a consultation and recommendations.

For more information about our services and prices, we invite you to contact us of our representatives at your earliest convenience.