When most people purchase a home, they do so as an investment in their future. What they are hoping for is some appreciation that they’ll be able to use in the years to come. Since a home is an investment and more than a place to live, it’s necessary to maintain and protect the home as much as possible.

Fencing has proven to be a good way to maintain and protect a home. Yes, the installation of a fence comes at a cost, but there are many benefits you can derive from having a quality fence around your property.

Let’s take a look at the potential benefits of residential fencing.

Increase the Property’s Value

Since your home is an investment, you should always be looking for ways to protect the current value and increase the value in the future. Fencing is a home improvement feature that almost always returns dividends.

Fences add value in two ways. First, a quality fence that matches well with the home and neighborhood will make the home look more attractive to potential buyers. Second, your home would be a far better option for potential buyers who have kids and or pets they want to keep safe. Anything you can do to increase the pool of potential buyers is a good thing.

Define Property Boundaries

The best neighborhoods in which to live are the most peaceful neighborhoods. Whether a fence is plain or majestic, it can serve one very important purpose in regard to dealing with neighbors. Fences help delineate proper boundaries. You would be amazed at many neighbor disputes you can eliminate by simply making clear where your property ends and the neighbor’s property begins.

Reduce Exposure to Neighborhood Noise

If you live in a middle-class neighborhood, it’s very likely a busy neighborhood with lots of cars on the streets and kids running about. That can create enough noise to become a serious distraction.

If you want to insulate your home from the hustle and bustle, you are not going to find a lot of options. With that said, you would be amazed at how effectively a five-foot wooden fence will cut down on noise while still giving you the ability to see what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Secure Play-Space for Kids and Pets

Kids and pets are carefree creatures. They just tend to go to the free spaces where they can play and enjoy life. Unfortunately, danger lurks in a busy neighborhood.

If you want to provide a safe place for your kids and or pets to be kids and or pets, you can start by installing a fence. Secure fencing can help you create a secure area where the kids and or pets can’t easily get out while also keeping uninvited intruders from easily getting access.

Protect the Home From Intruders

As indicated in the section right above this one, security should always be one of your top priorities. You do have a right and obligation to do whatever needs to be done to keep your family members and property safe. A fence is not always a perfect barrier against intruders, but it is a deterrent.

Thinking like a criminal, would you be more likely to approach a home without a fence or a home that is fenced in with a locked gate? Hint – you’ll want to get a fence that is tall enough to keep a normal-sized intruder at bay for as long as possible.


This is your home. It can get a little uncomfortable if your neighbors have clear shots at seeing what’s going on in and around your home. A solid fence with adequate height is all you would need to keep the “lookie-Lous” from gazing at what is going on in your life. If you want privacy, it’s up to you to create that privacy with a fence.

Hide Home Features

A fence can do a couple of things related to how your property looks. First, a decorative and coordinated fence can actually make your property more attractive. Second, a fence can serve to hide home or yard features that you don’t want others to see. This will help with the value perception of your home.

Choosing the Right Residential Fencing

While choosing the right fencing is not as hard as choosing a home to buy, it’s more difficult than you might imagine. There are a lot of factors you should consider when trying to make the right fence choice. The fence-choosing factors you might want to consider include

  • The cost of the fencing
  • How much of the property do you want to be fenced in
  • The height of the fencing
  • The style of the fence (solid, chain-link, etc)
  • types of material you want the fence to be made of
  • The maintenance the fencing would require
  • The decorative nature of the fence
  • The intended need for the fencing

As you can see, making the right choice of fencing is more complicated than you might have imagined.

Here are a couple of thoughts worthy of your consideration.

  1. The cost of the fencing will likely be offset by the amount by which it could increase the value of the home.
  2. You might want to look at other fences around the neighborhood. It’s better to fit in than stand out.

If and when you are ready to start thinking about purchasing and installing a fence, you should reach out and contact a top fencing company like Front Range Fence Company for a consultation.